COVID-19:what we are doing

Our philosophy as a business is to approach this situation with empathy and urgency.

Spiritmedia is committed to caring for the health and well-being of all clients, staff and media owners. Our latest decisions are:

  • Enhanced cleaning measures:  The company continues to observe  elevated cleaning and sanitising practice to meet or exceed public health guidelines and can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Additional precautions:  Spiritmedia is also taking precautio­­ns for every staff member to protect them fully. Facial coverings are available for all and all have the option to wear gloves.  Frequent and thorough hand washing is required as is the use of provided sanitiser solution.
  • Safety Protocols:  Social distancing and safety protocols are required for all staff and visitors.
  • Remote Working   All Spiritmedia employees are fully equipped to work from home, and we’re using our internal communications tools, including Teams, Zoom, and email, to keep staff updated on all developments. Spiritmedia has a strong remote work culture , and along with the fact that the vast majority of our client interactions take place virtually, this has helped us to quickly adapt to the impacts of the outbreak. We have continued to deliver undisrupted 24/7 service to our clients and to remain fully focused on their most urgent needs.
  • Employee Travel   All company-related travel has been suspended. Employees with pre-planned business trips have received or are receiving assistance to cancel their travel.

We know that everybody’s circumstances are different, and if you have suggestions for how we can better support you, please let us know by emailing  We will listen to your concerns, learn from your feedback, and continually look for ways for all of us to navigate this situation with empathy.

Notes on successful home working .

We are business as normal at this time.

This is what we are doing to make sure we are as an effective a team as ever and these points may help you to be more at ease with the situation.


Home working pointers.

-Using a little bit of discipline and communication it does not have to be a chore.

-Be in touch regularly with your work team . Contact with colleagues will keep people feeling like a team.

-Video is preferable to keep that “teamy” feeling alive.

-Here are some useful platforms to get you started.

Click on the logos to find out all about them

-Keep homelife and work apart as much as possible.  However this may not always be possible.

-There will be distractions for anyone working from home with their family around them.

-Having a dedicated room helps with a ‘no-go zone’ in a flexible working day and preferably with no tv!

No one ever pretended that Homeworking was going to be easy but it will be far more productive in the long run.