Home working is becoming the new norm.


We are business as normal at this time.


This is what we are doing to make sure we are as an effective a team as ever and these points may help you to be more at ease with the situation.


Never before have so many bookcases,plants and pets looked so good.


Using a little bit of discipline and communication it does not have to be a chore.


Be in touch regularly with your work team .


Contact with colleagues will keep people feeling like a team.


Video is preferable to keep that “teamy” feeling alive.


Here are some useful platforms to get you started.


Click on the logos to find out all about them


Keep homelife and work apart as much as possible.  However this may not always be possible.


There will be distractions for anyone working from home with their family around them.


Having a dedicated room helps with a ‘no-go zone’ in a flexible working day and preferably with no tv!


No one ever pretended that Homeworking was going to be easy but it will be far more productive in the long run.