How to raise your brand profile with Out Of Home


Outdoor advertising is a ‘broadcast’ medium that is uniquely suited to raising brand profiles.

By utilising OOH channels, your brand is integrating into the urban landscape and creating a direct link with the local population, businesses and visitors to the area. Engagement and connection are thus created through the simple use of this medium, as it interweaves your brand with the local subconscious by its very presence on OOH channels. Working in synergy, format and creative content all play a very important role in creating engagement.

Unlike radio, television or online advertising, Out Of Home advertising cannot be turned off, blocked nor avoided.

With technology, data and infrastructure seamlessly coming together for most outdoor contractors, opportunities are plentiful. OOH is currently in a healthy era of development, where data, technology and physical infrastructure are all converging to enable efficiency and effectiveness. Digital is allowing buying flexibilities and opportunities that permit access to quality sites without the premium costs.

Out Of Home is becoming intelligent and nimble. What’s more the expansion is continuing. The advent of programmatic platforms in digital outdoor heralds further developments that will challenge other media.

For any OOH brand awareness campaign, it is important to deliver a mix of a high level of impressions / exposures to the campaign and brand stature.

The site selection has to maximise impact in terms of numbers and prominence and it also has to reflect the reputation of the brand so environment is paramount.

Spiritmedia has many ways of establishing the most suitable locations, as seen below:

  • Strategical placement including in key locations

We carefully hand pick locations in order to convey the stature of your brand whilst applying brand safety logic. Environment quality and its associative connotations must be kept front of mind.

For example, advertising at an airport intertwines inferences of modernism with being business minded, employable, connected with the outside world and forward-thinking.

  • Multi points access

To strengthen integration into and engagement with the urban fabric of your chosen area, we recommend (when and where possible) a multi-angle, multi-platform approach. Such a strategy means that with carefully selected sites in key locations, the campaign gives the impressions of a much bigger expenditure investment.

Thus overall perception is greater than the sum of its elements.

  • Cost efficiencies

At Spiritmedia we are not about commodity buying. We do not rely on agency group deals to get the best costs. Such deals can often skew OOH channels, formats and, ultimately, the selection of Outdoor contractors selection and consequently remove  the necessary objectivity for selecting suitable locations. Such deals also often preclude media owners from offering bespoke special deals or short term deals.

 We do not get shoe-horned into inadequate pre-made packages that suit media owners. Every proposal is tailor-made to answer the brief. Pre-made deals and packages are often inefficient as they force the inclusion of sites that are not sufficiently relevant to the campaign. We do not tolerate waste in the usage of our client’s budget. Every penny counts.

Volume delivery is important, as are strong audience targeted cost per thousands, and these will always be investigated and optimised.

  • Environment

Location suitability, format and environment to match the strategy are essential. A site may be cheap, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is high-quality or in the right location. It is paramount to be sure to convey appropriate kudos and brand values for your brand.

The suitability of site locations and their environment reflect and affect campaign engagement.

  • ROUTE measurement

We have access to ROUTE which is the audience measuring tool for OOH.

Using ROUTE offers accountability and allows advertisers to receive reassurance on actual visibility. This tool takes into consideration the importance of size, distance, angle of sites, illumination, effects of movement and so on. It also takes into account the perspective from the view of a car driver or passenger, a pedestrian or a passenger on board a train or bus.

Not all OOH sites are monitored on ROUTE but we would always seek such data and any sites not monitored are further scrutinised in terms of their environment, footfall and visibility.


  • Experience

Spiritmedia’s combined team has well over a hundred years’ experience of buying OOH across the UK and even worldwide.

We have a natural instinct that leads us to question data, interrogate research and implement strategies.  We work with an outdoor specialist, as well as direct with outdoor contractors and that is what gives us a full overview of the OOH market place, its politics, its development and its opportunities.