Our Capabilities

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Planning | Data & Research  | Buying  |   Digital

We are hard working and forward thinking individuals,and understand the importance of unbiased thinking. Seeing all  aspects of the communications mix  rather than working in media silos, makes us a real asset to your business.

Image of Spiritmedia Media Agency caricature

Media Planning

We plan and buy across all media integrating the strengths of each channel. Whether it’s brand building or driving results we always make sure that we look at the bigger picture. It’s more than just placing an advert to us, it’s understanding the target audience, the market place, competitive landscape and the evolving trends.

Media Buying

We serve as one point of contact for all of your media buying requirements ensuring always that media cost is related to media value. Not only that, we have the relationships and negotiation skills to ensure that all our clients receive the best price deals and added value. If you are buying direct, when was the last time your rep advised you to spend money with their competitor instead of them? Exactly.  

Data and Research

Having the best data is worthless unless you understand it. We invest heavily in industry standard research tools so you don’t have to. We have the experience and expertise to interpret it. Throughout the whole process, data plays a core role in everything we do. Our team continuously monitor and optimise campaigns in real-time to ensure the best performance.  

Digital Media

Digital is not only growing online it is integrating with conventional media. Keeping up with digital updates is a full-time job, our team are on top of ever evolving industry trends and will keep you updated on innovative opportunities.       We know how to get the best out of your digital activity, our team have extensive knowledge in all fields of the digital advertising world – such as PPC, Paid Social, Mobile and Programmatic  Display.

Here at Spiritmedia Scotland we are extremely proud to have been awarded IAB Gold Standard accreditation, making us just 1 of 7 media planning and buying agencies to have this in the UK