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We are proud of our work past and present. 

Many of our clients have been with us for a long time.

We know it because we deliver.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo media first.

This is the first digital  out-of-home campaign in Scotland to be planned and booked programmatically. This allowed the campaign to reach and interact with people through the one-to-many reach of Digital Out of Home, coupled with one-to-one targeting on online.

Speaking about the campaign Lynsey Fusco, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo said:

“As a charity we are always looking for ways to maximise budgets and efficiences through innovation. We were looking for ways to target our core audience, raise awareness and demonstrate our show proposition while also managing our return on investment. Programmatic Digital Out of Home allowed us to achieve that, with all brand metrics moving in a positive direction – we are delighted with the results.”

The campaign used live data from the REMT website to inform and optimise the DOOH delivery. DOOH creative was similar to the online display and mobile creatives used, highlighting the importance of a consistent campaign in order to build brands and the ability of DOOH to be an integral part of the digital advertising ecosystem.

Some 220,000 visitors attended with a global audience of over 100 million through televised broadcasts.

More than 14 million people have attended the Tattoo since it began in 1950.

It was set up and run for charitable purposes and, over the years, has gifted millions of pounds to service and civilian organisations.

Click on each picture to get a taste of this great event over the years.

Highland Spring media agency logo

Highland Spring Water

From 2000 to 2016 we represented Highland Spring mineral water. In that time we contributed significantly to their growth and created many media firsts. This video shows that journey.

The Royal Highland Show

 ‘Create a standout placement that can genuinely excite’

We took the brief further and created a media first.

Using the great photography (the highland cow is called Morag by the way)  we used our knowledge of what the breath of cows in pastures looks like on an early Summer mornings.

Working with the media owner we found a way of producing realistic looking breath that would surprise the passersby at this high footfall location.

When we fully integrated our efforts with the P.R. campaign Morag gained exposure far beyond the immediate resident population.

Edinburgh Leisure Background:

Across the month of February Edinburgh Leisure wanted to promote soft play memberships across three Edinburgh Leisure Soft Play sites:

  • Clambers (Royal Commonwealth Pool)
  • Tumbles at Portobello
  • Scrambles (Edinburgh International Climbing Arena)
  • The offer ‘Join in February, get March free’

Campaign Objective:

  • 450 new direct debit members
  • With no online join option, users need to join in venue

Target Audience:

  • Core audience: Parents of children under the age of 7 across Edinburgh


  • A mix of Facebook/Instagram and Google AdWords
  • We recommended social media got the bulk of the media budget (70%)



  • Best ever Soft Play campaign result
  • Smashed the target and finished  130 memberships up on last year, a grand total of 490 new memberships
  • All 3 venues broke their targets: Clambers at 110% of target, Scrambles at 114% and Tumbles topping the table with 125%

Telford Shopping Centre

Telford shopping centre media agency logo

A Digital Christmas

Christmas is always the most important date on the calendar for Shopping Centres. It was no exception for the Telford Shopping Centre. Marketing, creative & media approach were all about modernising, refreshing, surprising and delighting. Our creative theme was a crisp modern approach with lights being core “Shop the light fantastic with Christmas @Telford” We placed the creative light beam shape of a Christmas tree with a digital placement that allowed engagement by users in a playful manner. We reinforced this with premium impactful formats such as: Fireplace reskins/ HPTOs/ front page soluses to name a few.

A fresh new approach to Christmas.

Glasgow City Council

Glasgow City Council Fostering

We created a digitally led campaign with 3 key elements to deliver:

    • Impact
    • Engagement
    • Accountability
    • Whilst standing out in a crowded market place.
    • Using a touch sensory / interactive ad unit ticked all the boxes.

This delivered the opportunity for real stand out whilst providing tracking and lead generation. Integrating this innovative product with more traditional digital formats and social media, we developed a highly engaging, impactful, campaign.

Chill Factor e

Another media first

Spiritmedia have been at the forefront of a number of ‘media firsts’ and pride themselves on bringing innovation to the table for clients.  Most recently we developed a ‘speed trigger’ campaign utilising DOOH for Chill Factor e (the largest indoor ski centre in the UK) whereby the artwork changed depending on the speed of traffic.  There were 3 pieces of artwork in total:

  • 0-7 MPH
  • 8-15 MPH
  • Above 15 MPH

The campaign created great PR and talk-ability which in turn drove brand awareness and footfall.

Campaigns that make a difference to our world…



Spiritmedia has global experience in ecological, envirommental and conservation  concerns. Campaigns such as black list fishing, shark preservation, deep sea conservation and plastic waste awareness.  In all circumstances we have publicised important issues in many countries, working with focussed teams with modest budgets. The common thread has been making a difference wherever possible. 

Click on the images and words for more information on the organisations making a difference.

Campaign Objective:

  • Each objective is unique, but all seek to influence opinion, make a difference, and drive change.



  • Our strategy is to identify the key decision makers and decide what is the most cost-effective way to reach them no matter what country they are based in.  Clearly research informs the best media channels and platforms to reach these people powerfully whist using available budget carefully.



Target Audience:

  • The audience is very varied in all considerations.




  • New markets can present real challenges. We have risen to each one to deliver really impactful campaigns.  It is very important to know that we have contributed to campaigns that aim to make a real impact to the world in which we all live.



  • Here are some of the countries we have operated within:




 From Communications Inc:

We have worked with Spiritmedia for over 10 years.  In all situations they offer a really professional service, acting proactively and a great addition to our teams.  They always understand the challenges put to us in each market and get exactly what we are looking for.

Sophie Hulme


Visitor attractions



Since commencement, Spiritmedia has driven footfall for many visitor attractions.   From  ‘millenium’ initiatives to new attractions and re-launches. From the South of England to Scotland. location has not been an issue.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Establish a strong brand statement and drive footfall



  • ‘What makes this attraction stand out from the crowd?’ is where we start for many situations. Once established we define a catchment area and identify the customer  who will ultimately increase footfall at select times of the year.  Extensive research helps identify the best media channels to reach our defined audience. In many cases budgets have been restricted and cost efficiency has been paramount.


Target Audience:

  • Totally dependent on the attraction , subject and substance.


Visit Britain:

We have travelled throughout Britain to represent some of the best visitor attractions around.:





. We have successfully marketed many alcohol brands

A number are shown here

Our experience covers many years and is on a National scale.

We have been fortunate and proud to work with iconic brands and organisations.

In all instances we have created targeted media campaigns that get noticed.

In many situations we have integrated our activity with other marketing services

A Notable example is our award winning case study for Bowmore whisky .

Ask to see it.

Campaign Objective:

  • Applicable to all is a need to drive change and increase the noise in an increasingly competitive market
  • Many have wanted to establish awareness and understanding of their unique attributes  and provide a strong platform for future growth

Each has wanted to improve salience via use of stimulating & targeted media.



Appreciating where a brand comes from and what makes it different is crucial, how to appreciate those differences is critical.

In developing a media strategy we need to recognise these attitudinal differences

It is clear that the activity needs to chime with the end user and trade provider alike..

Target Audience:

  • The brand defines the audience.



Retail Centres



Over the last 18 years, Spiritmedia has built an extensive portfolio of Retail centre experience.   We have worked with a breadth of retail outlets from the launch of Destination retail centres such as Gunwharf Quay in Portsmouth, to outlet centres such as Gretna Gateway to city/town based centres such as Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow and Whitgift in Croydon and community based shopping centres such as Castledene in Peterlee.


Campaign Objective:

  • Increase footfall and drive brand awareness



  • Our strategy is to identify the key catchment and customer opportunities in order to drive footfall.  Using our inhouse research tools, we then identify the best media channels and platforms to reach these audiences efficiently and effectively in order to maximise budgets and meet objectives.

Target Audience:

  • Various dependent on profile of the centre



Here are  some of the centres we have worked with:



No matter the size, scale or location of the centre, we at Spiritmedia have a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns. Whether it be driving regular footfall to the centre, promoting new retailers, seasonal offers or events, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to meet and exceed the campaign objectives and KPIs.


From a client :

I have worked with Spiritmedia for over 15years , as both a group head of marketing, a shopping centre manager and as a consultant. They offer a great service as a seamless extension to the team, and truly understand the role of strategy in their recommendations and delivery. Innovation is a word often used, but its not often accurate, but here it is, always prepared to try new things, but they always evaluate. Together with this, an incredible attention to detail and real passion about their work have made Philip and the team, almost irreplaceable as a business partner for me.

Jon Walton

Centre Manager



Spiritmedia worked with Dobbies for over ten years as they transformed from a semi-national brand to a fully national brand.  Our work with Dobbies included local and regional marketing, national marketing, store openings, promoting events, offers and seasonal sales – including promoting their famous Christmas offering.  We were seen as an extension of the Dobbies marketing team and we attended weekly meetings to discuss new opportunities, develop effective media and marketing strategies, review sales targets and return on investment.

Campaign Objective:

To support the new store opening team in identifying areas of best potential, and for existing stores to identify ‘hot spots’ of existing and prospective customers around each store.

Target Audience:

Dobbies key over arching audience was primarily married female homeowners aged 45 plus.


A large-scale customer profiling project based on customer records to identify the size, geography and the profile of each individual store catchment, and the overall catchment size and customer profile. 


This was an invaluable source of information and drove many aspects of the marketing including direct mail targeted to customer look-a-like neighbourhoods, and allowed for the mapping of local media channels against each customer catchment fine-tuning the targeting.  We were also able to ‘translate’ the customer profile of MOSAIC Groups and Types into additional clusters using TGI to identify additional product and media consumption habits.  This in-depth knowledge of ‘The Customer’ was an invaluable source of information to the Marketing Team.



Heriot-Watt University


  • Heriot Watt had the lowest brand recognition among the seven major Universities in Scotland – essentially the feedback was ‘heard of but know nothing about’
  • Their messaging struggled to stand out and cut through the competitive clutter and noise of better-known Universities especially around Clearing

Campaign Objective:

  • Increase both brand awareness and have a key presence for Clearing


  • Phase 1: Raising Brand Awareness
  • Phase 2: Data Capture & Lead Generation
  • Phase 3: Clearing Success

Target Audience:

  • High school aged children, and the parents of high school aged children across the UK


  • A multi-channel campaign including TV, video-on-demand and cinema
  • Extensive digital platforms including Spotify, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search and Programmatic Display, as well as bespoke packages of activity with UCAS and The Student Room
  • Dedicated team of PPC specialists on results day to manage, optimise and react to Google AdWords activity in real time


  • Heriot Watt enjoyed the highest post campaign awareness among the 7 major Scottish Universities.  TV drove this impact with a 55% increase in awareness – 3 out of 4 respondents said they saw the commercial.
  • For Clearing Heriot Watt saw an unprecedented number of applicants which converted to acceptances exceeding targets for the year