We are experienced public notice and recruitment media buyers.
Everything from creative to media placement.
Here is what we can offer ..

Flexible and accountable


We will put forward the most appropriate timeline to work to as standard.

However we are not  held by this and will work with advertisers and media owners alike  to make sure any late ads or notices are booked.



We have negotiated later deadlines for a Council client that became the norm.

We don’t settle with rates already in place.

Our in-house research and reporting tools allow us to look at the effectiveness of each channel and evaluate its worth for the campaign in terms of geography, penetration of target audience and cost.

This, along with ongoing evaluation of market trends, informs the rate negotiation to secure the lowest possible costs for Councils on an ongoing basis.

These tools are provided and available as required at no extra cost.

A Dedicated shared inbox for each client

All clients have a dedicated account manager.

The use of a dedicated inbox means they are not bound by the availability of that person, as it is be monitored by the wider team who are fully briefed and ready to act whenever needed.

Time saved

We are happy either to work with a central contact who deals with notices from various Council services, or act as the co-ordinating contact for the various services ourselves as we have done previously – we are here to save time for Council staff which we know is precious, so either way the process will be efficient.