Planning effective communications not only  demands access to solid industry standard research tools but also requires knowledge gained through experience of how to interpret the data and make it accessible and relevant to the task in hand. Spiritmedia subscribe to all major industry standard resources and pride themselves in their attention to detail  and knowledge in using them  .

Our full list of capabilities is:-

Strategic Planning and Buying of all Media Opportunities

  • Television
  • Cinema
  • National, Local and Regional Press & Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Ambient
  • Magazines Inserts
  • Direct Response
  • Digital

Media Auditing

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Media Mapping
  • Television Optimisation


  • Geo-demographic Analysis and Mapping
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Product Consumption Data
  • Media Consumption

Media Consultancy

  • Origination of First Use Media Opportunities
  • Sponsorship

Marketing Consultancy

  • Marketplace Positioning and Brand Mapping
  • Product Positioning
  • Budget Setting

Collaborative Partnerships 

  • Integration Systems and Process
  • Accountable PR